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10 Stunning Ideas to Transform Kids’ Room Decor

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Refreshing your kids’ room decor can be a challenge. You want the room to look pretty and functional at the same time, and children’s choices and requirements change so often as they grow, and the decor that looked perfect yesterday, may not seem so good today. Re-decorating your kids’ room with major structural changes may not be a possibility every now and then, but with the ideas presented in this article, you can make sure that your children’s room can get a make-over and become more functional, all with minimum effort and expense.

Here are a few ideas to instantly refresh your kids’ room decor:

Create an Accent Wall With Stencilling

If you are up for a little DIY and your kids are ready to lend you a helping hand, you could do some wall stencilling on just one wall of the room to make it an accent wall. A stencil and spray paint can are all you need. There are ready stencils available or else you can make your own on a transparent plastic film. Making the stencil on a plastic film will give you the flexibility of choosing your own design and cutting a stencil on a plastic film is easy and can be done with a paper-knife. The stencil design doesn’t need to be very detailed or difficult, even simple shapes like stars or circles can make a lot of impact in uplifting the look of the room. Cut the stencil on a larger size of the film, leaving a lot of plastic film around the stencilled portion, so that paint does not get sprayed onto unwanted areas of the wall. Hold the can at a distance from the wall while spraying because if the can is too close to the wall then the paint will start flowing. Do a test spray on a newspaper kept on the floor to determine the ideal distance that will give you a perfect spray effect. Spray paints are available in all colours as well as metallic colours. If you are not confident with the idea of spray paint, you may use a sponge dipped in paint and dabble on the wall using the stencil. This will give a rugged & textured effect to the painted area. If you are looking for a uniform look, you may use a sponge roller. 

Make Patterns With Washi Tape & Decal Stickers

Washi tape is coloured and patterned tape available in a variety of designs. You can select the tape colour and design as per the colour scheme of the room. The image on the side shows an example of the effect that can be achieved with washi tape. Another example is making simple repetitive patterns of some interesting shapes at regular intervals. You can apply additional adhesive at the back of the tape so that it does not come off the wall easily. Decal stickers, which are easy and convenient to apply, are another way of decorating the walls.

kids room Wall decoration with washi tape

Organize & Display Toys & Souvenirs

Are your kids’ toys stored and displayed properly? If you need space to display them then you could think of installing some wall shelves. Shelves don’t have to be plain-looking, you could select an uncommon shape of shelves like the hexagonal ones shown in the image below, and buy coloured shelves instead of plain ones. These shelves would not only make a great display of toys but also add some colour to the wall. If you are looking for new organizers for toys, check this page. Toy organizers are available in the form of colourful boxes, modular shelves or foldable bins made of wood, plastic, wicker and jute among other materials.

Brighten The Room With Marquee lights & Neon Signs

Marquee lights and neon/led lights are the latest trends in fancy lighting. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colours to appeal to children. Marquee lights can be placed just by themselves on a wall or can be a part of a gallery wall composition. With one marquee light, some pop-art posters around it, and some wall plaques, you can easily turn a room into a pop-art themed room. 

Put Together a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a curated display of photos, prints, paintings and/or wall plaques, signs etc. You could choose ready options for gallery wall frames, or get creative and put together your own gallery wall with a combination of the things you love. Some creative things that can be included in a gallery wall composition are photo frames, wall plaques/signs (like the “live, laugh, love” wall sign shown in the picture), mirrors, clock, decorative shelf/bracket, travel souvenirs etc. If you are looking to add a bohemian touch to a wall, you could use fairy light strings with clips for displaying pictures. You could also add bright colourful empty frames on the walls and let children insert their artworks within those frame spaces. A well-composed gallery wall is a definitive way to enhance your kids’ room decor and will create an interesting focal point at the same time.

Heart shaped gallery wall frame to enhance decor
fairy lights with photos to enhance decor
"live laugh love" wall plaque

Pay Attention to The Space Above Study Table

For the wall above the study table, you can opt for a bulletin board or a metallic grid wall. The bulletin board doesn’t have to be boring and plain, you can choose a funky printed bulletin board. Metallic grid wall is a trending idea for home organization and larger sized grids will allow you to create organisers for craft items, stationery etc. These ideas will brighten up the wall and also help children to stay organized.

Hang A Macrame Wall Hanging Or A Dream Catcher

Macrame wall hangings & dream catchers have become an upcoming trend in the world of home decor, especially because of the fact that they are very easy to be made at home as well. These can bring some freshness and colour to otherwise plain walls. Colours and designs can be selected as per the room’s colour scheme or theme. There are many more macrame articles like macrame mirrors, baskets, organizers etc. that can add a creative touch to a space. To discover more about creative ways to incorporate the humble craft of macrame in your decor, and be surprised by its versatility, read this article.

Install a Fabric Canopy or a Teepee

A tee-pee is a kind of a conical tent. Installing a DIY teepee or a fabric canopy in a corner of the room can be a fun activity which can be undertaken on a weekend. You can suspend coloured net fabric from a wall hook or a ceiling hook in the shape of a tent and let it flow till the floor.  You can also add fairy light strings to this DIY tent. That corner can be further decorated with soft toys and cushions and children will love their new reading corner. There are options available to buy tents and teepees online too. 

pink teepee in kids room to enhance kids' room decor

Introduce Greenery

Adding greenery never goes out of style and also adds colour and interest to a space. This element is often overlooked in room decor. You could choose from hanging macrame planters, planters on wall shelves or brackets, floor planters, or tabletop planters for your plants, depending upon the availability of space in the room and your preferences. For more innovative ideas about decorating with plants, read this article. If you need ideas for selecting some unique, exotic low maintenance indoor plants for the room, you may read this article. 

Dress The Bed With Fancy Cushions & Soft Furnishings

Cushions and pillows in different shapes and sizes will surely interest children and add a touch of cuteness to the décor of the room. New bedsheets and bedspreads matching with the theme of the room will bring a finished look to the room.

Place a Carpet or Rug

Carpets or rugs can add colour and pattern to the decor of the room. It also acts as an anchor, tying together all pieces of furniture and decor in the room and should be selected as an extension of the colour scheme or the decor style that you have in mind. If the room has more neutral colours, you can select a colourful carpet, so that the carpet can be a visual focal point of the room. The size of the carpet/rug should be selected depending upon the size of the room and floor space available. For smaller rooms which do not have a lot of empty floor space, you can select floor runners placed next to the bed. Carpets can also be used to define areas in a room. For example, you can place a  rug or carpet to define the reading corner or toys corner, or any other activity corner that the kids’ room may have. Check this page for carpets specially designed for children’s rooms. 

These ideas can surely add interest to your kids’ room decor, but you will need to go in a planned way to get coherent results. Selecting and installing things randomly may lead to a clash of colours or textures and the final result may be a confused looking decor. Following are a few guidelines that can help you through the process of selection:

  1. Firstly, note down which areas need attention and what problems need to be solved.
  2. Then select a colour scheme or a theme for the room. For example, if you select a monochrome theme for the room, then you can select items in black and white colours and create some focal point with a touch of metallic colour like gold.
  3. Then select which elements from the above list suit the personality of the room as well as the space available. For example, for the wall above the study table, you can either select a metallic grid or a printed bulletin board, you won’t need both.
  4. Select all the elements as per the planned colour scheme or theme, so that you achieve a uniform and harmonious result and voila, your kids have a brand new room. 

The best part of these kids’ room decor-refresh ideas is that they can be materialized even with a limited budget, and all are flexible, so you can keep changing or adapting as per your children’s requirements. Moreover, if you or your children feel like changing the decor of the room yet again, you won’t have to think a lot; swapping some items, replacing few others, adding some more, will get the task accomplished. 

If you are planning a makeover for other rooms in your home, read the article: Spice Your Bland Walls with These Wall-Decor ideas.

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