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Best Ikea Budget-Finds That Will Transform Your Home

Most of us have been in lockdowns and isolation on and off since the last year and shopping via online portals has become our savior many times during this period, whether it was for utilities or maybe sometimes for home decor articles. Ikea, a very well known Swedish brand set shop in India some time ago and have been expanding their offline and online presence steadily. The brand’s vision is to make everyday life better and be affordable at the same time. They strive to create products that meet all five dimensions of design, form, function, low price, sustainability, and quality. If you visit their website, it is easy to get lost in the sea of options available in various product categories. To make your task easier, here’s a list of some of their decor articles, that can almost be dubbed as classics and can add so much depth & detail to the decor of your home, without being pricey. 

SATSUMAS Plant Stand

Minimal and compact, it won’t take much ground space and will allow you to create interesting corners with three plants displayed at different levels. 

ikea plant stand
Ikea satsumas Plant stand displayed aesthetically


This stylish watering can will not only fulfil the utilitarian purpose it is supposed to fulfil, but can also be styled in your living room as an accent piece when not in use. 

Ikea vattenkrasse watering can
Ikea vattenkrasse watering can arranged aesthetically


This vase in pastel colours and textured groovy design will give your spaces a softer look. Whether you style it with light-coloured flowers or bright ones, they are all bound to look good and complement the muted pastel colour of the vase. 

ikea gradvis vase arranged aesthetically
ikea gradvis vase

INBJUDEN Tea-Light Holder

This set of three blown-glass tea light holders is sure to add soft & dreamy mood lighting to your spaces. 

Ikea Inbjuden Tealight holder arranged aesthetically
Ikea Inbjuden Tealight holder

FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant

If you would like to add greenery in your home, but don’t particularly have a green thumb, this artificial potted plant will be your best friend. 

Ikea fejka artificial plant arranged aesthetically
ikea fejka artificial potted plant

SJALSLIGT Decoration Set Of Three

Love cactii but scared of thorns? Well, these ceramic cactii are perfect for you. 

ikea SJALSLIGT cactii set of three arranged aesthetically
ikea SJALSLIGT cactii set of three

ROTFJARIL Cushion Cover

These Fresh looking butterfly print cushion covers made of cotton & ramie can be easily co-ordinated with any colour scheme or theme. 

Ikea rotfjaril cushion cover styled on a white sofa
Ikea Rotfjaril cushion cover

GODAFTON LED Block Candles Set

Who doesn’t love candles? But lighting wax candles isn’t always suitable, especially if you have children and pets around. These LED candles will lend the same dreamy glow to your spaces without the danger of fire. 

Ikea Godafton LED candles arranged aesthetically
Ikea Godafton LED candle

SMYCKA Artificial Dogwood Flower Stick

These artificial flower sticks look lifelike and will stay fresh always. 

Ikea SMYCKA Dogwood artificial flower arranged aesthetically in a vase
Ikea SMYCKA Dogwood artificial flower

Here was my collection of Ikea favourites. Small accents can bring about a great change in your home and if the products are from a brand like Ikea, then you can rest assured about their quality & longevity. 

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