Cottagecore Aesthetic: 7 Ways To A Cozy & Timeless Home

Cottagecore, the latest spin on rustic reverie is a global phenomenon, uniting fashion icons, social media influencers and dreamers like you and me. Lockdown forced us to slow down and revaluate our fast-paced lives, and it’s no surprise that this latest trend is reflective of the simple lifestyle many of us have embraced during the pandemic. Whether it was about growing plants, raising sourdough starters, or practising old crafts like stitching, sewing, crochet etc., each one of us had our own cottagecore moments at some point or another. However, cottagecore aesthetic is much more than just these things.

What Exactly is Cottagecore Trend?

Cottagecore is not just a design trend but a cultural movement which idolizes the concept of a simple, self-sufficient life. This trend taps into the desire to be unified with nature and to live in an idyllic world. Wrapped in the warmth of nostalgic, eco-friendly elements, Cottagecore reflects our quest for beauty & sustainability at the same time. While it might be popular at the moment, Cottagecore has roots in a timeless, homely look which will stand the test of time and will always give your home a warm welcome. 

countryside house depicting farmcore aesthetics

What Does Cottagecore Mean For Interior Design & Home Decorating?

Though this trend has been around since 2018, lockdown has given wings to this trend and it is manifesting itself slowly into our lives in more than one ways. Let’s see how. 

Comfort & Coziness Are Becoming The Key

In the past year, we have worked, studied, exercised and even entertained in our own homes. More than anything else, everyone’s focus has definitely been to make their spaces more functional & comfortable. So, cozy spaces filled with timeless features and finds are here to stay.  Think reading nooks, layers of warmth and furniture you can sink into.

cozy reading nook decorated in cottagecore style

Neutral Tones & Florals Are Trending

If you are going to be looking at something all day, it’s best to have it in earthy & neutral tones combined with soothing prints or textures. Think pale or muted greens, yellows, warm whites, and vintage style florals, botanicals, ginghams or checks. Not only does a neutral colour palette feel soothing to the eye, but also provides a foundation for when you are in a mood to inject some colour into your decor.

neutral bedroom depicting a cottagecore aesthetic
vintage floral wallpaper and furniture arranged in a cottagecore way
vintage floral upholstery

Plants & Flowers Are Enhancing The Beauty Of Our Homes

With the Cottagecore aesthetic having a strong association with nature and natural beauty, it’s no surprise that plants form an integral part of this trend. Many people have tried their hand at gardening & growing plants during the lockdown, and the role of plants in our lives & homes is only getting bigger with time. Besides plants, foraged flowers and branches, dried flowers, grasses, herbs and natural scents have found their way into our homes.

Warm Toned Lighting is Creating The Mood

We are seeing an enhanced use of secondary light sources like fairy lights, tea-lights, lamps & lanterns in homes to create a cozy delicate glow. Accessories like macrame lamp shades are trending and can add a dreamy vintage look to your spaces.

cozy cottagecore room with warm lights

Vintage Décor is Taking Centre-Stage

With all the time in hand, many people have found ways to repurpose or refurbish their old furniture. Younger people returning home during the pandemic are finding inspiration in their parents and grandparents’ homes. The aesthetics today are being driven by comfort, coziness, nostalgia and the craving for a more soulful life. This has ignited our appreciation for all things vintage & antique.

cottagecore kitchen with vintage elements

Natural Materials & Organics Are Being Preferred

People have become more conscious about their contribution to environment. In their quest to reduce carbon footprint, they are turning to organic & natural materials such as cottons, linens, jute, bamboo, rattan, wicker etc. 

Handicrafts Are Back in A Big Way

Many of us have tried our hand at one or more traditional handicrafts like crochet, macrame, pottery, knitting etc. in the past year, and this has renewed our interest in these forgotten art forms. These  art forms are increasingly being used to decorate homes and, in many instances, fulfil a specific function.

crochet table mats
macrame wall hanging

Cottagecore trend encourages you to embrace imperfections to achieve a truly authentic homely feel. It is all about being natural, sustainable & mindful. This doesn’t even sound like a trend to me, instead, sounds like a philosophy of life, the one which seems so meaningful & apt for the times we are currently living in. My guess is that this trend has knowingly or unknowingly affected each one of us during the past year. How has Cottagecore touched you? 

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