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Macrame: The Ultimate Trend To Decorate Your Home In The Most Creative Way

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Macrame is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques & has a rich history, both as a decorative and a functional art form. It is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers and slowly spread through Europe after Moorish conquests.

FUN FACT: Even though it may be perceived as a feminine craft, Macrame was a popular pastime for sailors in olden times, who played a large role in keeping the craft alive and spreading it to new lands. Knots had many practical uses for sailors, but decorative knot-tying kept hands and minds occupied during long voyages and they would often sell or barter the articles made by them, on ports.

Macrame remained a popular hobby and a way to adorn clothing and home textiles through the Victorian era when it fell out of favour until it’s fabulous return in the ’70s when people suddenly went nuts for macrame again. It disappeared as a home decor trend soon after, but over the last few years, it is enjoying a resurgence, revitalized by modern crafters who are putting their own touch of creativity to this age-old craft. There is a wide array of uses for macrame articles and they have a charming vintage appeal to them. Each piece gives your home an incomparable touch of cosiness & some texture, when strings, cords, or roping are woven into plant hangers, wall art, or light-diffusing coverings for votive holders and hanging chandeliers etc.

Here are some elegant decor ideas that show you how to incorporate macrame into your home decor in the most refreshing & creative ways:

Wall & Door Hangings

Craving a change from the usual framed artwork? A macrame wall hanging can be a refreshing alternative to framed art and photos. A wall hanging in a neutral hue placed on a richly coloured wall will enhance the look of the wall and create a modern look. Macrame Torans or door hangings can be placed above the doors to give a colourful & welcoming look to your entrance door. Buy these wall hangings here. For more ideas on wall decor, read this article. 

Hanging Planters

Give your space a delightfully fresh look with macrame planters as the varied green leaves weave in and out of the twisted and textured white cording. Buy hanging planters here. If you are looking for more ideas to decorate your home with plants then you can read this article. 

Macrame Votive Holders

Small glass jars dressed up in macrame creations will softly diffuse the glow of candlelight and add a victorian touch to your candle holders. Imagine the mood that’ll be created when the soft glow illuminates the room in the most dreamy manner. You can buy them or try your hand at making them yourself through DIY tutorials. 

Cushion Covers

Macrame cushion covers will enhance the look and provide some textural interest to your living room. For people who love to decorate in monochromatic, tones ( black and white and shades of grey) in their home, the texture of macrame adds depth and warmth to a space and for those who love decorating with colours a lot, these cushions will provide the much-needed relief from the pop of colour and add a textural element of interest. Buy these cushion covers here

Magazine Racks

A macrame magazine rack will not only fulfill the purpose of holding your favourite magazine or books but also lend beauty and provide a focal point to the corner where it is placed. 

Wall Organizers

Hang macrame organizers near entryways & in your rooms to stay organized and provide storage for small things like letters, envelops, etc. 

Hammocks & Swings

Macrame hammocks and swings can be a part of your indoor spaces, balcony, terrace, patio or backyard. These swings will fit seamlessly into the decor of your home without looking bulky or obstructive. Buy macrame hammocks and swings here

Placemats & Runners

Chunky macrame placemats, coasters or a table runner on your table will uplift the look of the area and exude a relaxed boho vibe to your space. Buy placemats & coasters here & table runners here

Curtains & Backdrops

Macrame curtains are a toned-down version of the beaded curtains from the 1970s and can add a dash of dreaminess to any doorway or window. Macrame window valences are another trendy way to dress up your windows. Macrame backdrops are trending everywhere and can be used for decorating your home for a special occasion or even for a boho themed wedding. Some trendy curtains, valences and backdrops can be bought here

Hanging Chandeliers

Hang a single macrame chandelier (jhumar) or a cluster of chandeliers which will cast a mystical glow throughout your home. You can buy these chandeliers here


Mirrors embellished with macrame are not very common and that’s why incorporating one in your decor will lend a touch of uniqueness to your home. Buy them here

Macrame Pouffes

A macrame covered pouffe probably with some tassels or fringes can easily become the most beautiful, vintage piece of furniture in any space.

Macrame Baskets

Besides looking beautiful, macrame baskets will also fulfill your organizing needs and can be used to store a variety of articles.

Macrame is back and here to stay. If you haven’t already jumped into the macrame bandwagon, now is the time. Which decor idea appealed the most to you? 

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