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The Best Jars And Canisters On For Your Kitchen

Disclosure: This is an affiliate post. We may earn a small commission from qualifying links at no extra charge to you. The curation of products remains our own choice. 

We mostly approach kitchen storage needs from a functional & practical point of view, don’t you think? Having spent the most time in the kitchen since the start of the pandemic forced me to rethink that approach, because the ever ordinary & mundane looking storage solutions made the visits to the kitchen a tad bit boring and did nothing for the decor of the space. I agree that the kitchen is the most functional area of our homes and one should think of utility before style, but who said that function & looks don’t go together. You don’t have to make any breakthrough changes in your kitchen design to bring some interest to your kitchen decor, just replacing a few jars and canisters can add a touch of newness to your kitchen and make it look like a curated space. Here’ s a moodboard to help you with selecting few interesting ones:


moodboard of jars and canisters available on amazon
  1. IXORA Tea, Sugar, Coffee Canisters
  2. KITTENS Airtight Jars With Wooden Lids
  3. DECENT GLASS Decorative Jar
  4. IXORA Ceramic Butter Dish
  5. HOMIES INTERNATIONAL Glass Jar with Ceramic Bird Lid
  6. PRISHA INDIA Copper Container
  7. CHUMBAK Ceramic Jar
  8. FEMORA Glass Jars With Metallic Lids
  9. CROCKERI Glass Jar Set
  10. THE DECOR KART Storage Canister

If someone tells you that your kitchen does not need decor, then they are wrong. Why should we rob ourselves the opportunity to be in a functional yet beautiful looking space. Won’t it be great to be in the company of things which not only serve their purpose but also look good and reflect our sense of style? So, have a great time upgrading your kitchen decor & let me know which one is your favourite. 

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