#trendalert: Rattan, Wicker & Cane: Why You Need These In Your Home

We have recently seen a resurgence of Cane in a modern avatar. Because of the current pandemic & its effects, many people have embraced handmade & are returning to nature. Cane, rattan, bamboo, wicker & other natural materials fit into the picture quite perfectly, not only just because they are natural, but also have a lower carbon footprint and look good.

Some other advantages of using cane and other natural materials in your home are:

They can withstand environmental changes well and do not require any special maintenance.
They are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled.
They are very durable, tensile & light weight.
They are budget friendly & versatile, can be used both for outdoor & indoor furniture furniture.

room with cane furniture

Cane, Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo: What’s The Difference

Cane and rattan are materials that are derived from the rattan palm, a vine that is native to Southeast Asia. When processed the rattan palm is split into two parts: Cane, the outer bark that is used for tying pieces together and for wrappings such as finishing touches & the solid centre that is called rattan. Wicker is a process rather than a material in which natural(rattan core, willow, reed, bamboo etc.) or synthetic materials are used to weave chairs, tables etc. and is also the name of that style of furniture – wicker furniture. Bamboo is a grass and is hollow. The giant timber can grow to over 98 feet tall and is harder than mahogany.

Even though there are subtle differences between cane, wicker, and rattan, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose either one.  They can all be added in the décor either solo, or to complement each other. In fact, all three can happily cohabit a space. So, go ahead and place a thin weave vintage cane chair alongside a wicker couch. Or combine wicker baskets & a rattan side table. Layering them with colourful upholstery and adding textured textiles will highlight their subtle hue and texture. And, don’t forget lots of plants.

Now that we know the differences between cane, rattan, wicker & bamboo, let’s see how and where these versatile materials can be incorporated in home décor:

Cane in Wall Decor

From wall hangings to spiral weave bamboo & cane wall plates and wall mirrors, cane wall decor is earthy & chic. Artistic wall shelves made of these materials can also add interest to your walls.

Accessorizing With Cane

Do you think cane furniture is not your style? Doesn’t matter, you can start small instead. Easy cane accessories like small stools, trays, bowls, baskets, ottomans, floor cushions etc. add a perfect boho punch to the decor. Also, a subtle hint of natural accents takes your home décor game to a more “sustainable & responsible” level.

Secondary & Mood Lighting

Cane lighting accents provide an earthy radiance to the contemporary design. From desk lamps to wall sconces, rattan lights promise a versatile touch to the ambiance. A staple in boho chic decor, cane lamps, chandeliers or pendants infuse a touch of art in an understated way. These lighting accessories are very versatile and will also find favour in mid-century modern or Scandinavian style interiors.

Cane as a material and as a texture, is adaptive, versatile & flamboyant. It fits into almost any and every design style. Whether it’s mid-century modern, boho or the coastal interior theme, cane accents never fail to impress. Whether to draft an entire decor plan with cane or adding a hint of cane with accents, the call is personal. Or, start with a cane planter maybe! If you would like to source some good accessories & accents made of these natural materials, do read this post. 

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